Skirting Board Savvy: Keeping Your Boards Bright and Beautiful

So, you’ve decided to buy skirting boards to add that touch of elegance and functionality to your home. Congrats! But, just like any other piece of home decor, these boards need some TLC to keep them looking their best. Let’s talk easy-peasy maintenance to ensure your skirting boards stand the test of time.

1. Dusting: The First Line of Defence:
It sounds simple, but a regular dusting routine can work wonders. Grab that fluffy duster or even an old sock, and gently wipe away the accumulated dust. It’s your skirting board’s arch-nemesis, so make this a weekly habit.

2. Avoid the Water Woes:
If you’ve had a spill or there’s a stain on your board, dampen a cloth and gently rub the affected area. But remember – skirting boards and pools of water are not BFFs. Excess water can cause the boards to warp or the paint to chip.

3. Say No to Harsh Chemicals:
While it might be tempting to use that all-purpose cleaner, skirting boards prefer the gentle touch. Mild soapy water works best. And if you’re dealing with wooden skirting, consider wood-specific cleaners.

4. Paint and Protect:
Every couple of years, consider giving your skirting boards a fresh coat of paint. Not only does this refresh the look, but it also acts as a protective barrier against wear and tear. Pro tip: Always use high-quality paint for better durability.

5. Watch Out for Wear:
Skirting boards, being on the ground, can sometimes face the brunt of foot traffic, especially in busy households. Keep an eye out for scuffs or dents. A quick touch-up with paint or filler can often remedy these minor blemishes.

6. Seal the Deal:
If you’ve noticed gaps between your skirting boards and the wall, it’s time to reach for the sealant. This prevents dust and dirt from settling in and gives your boards a neat finish.

7. Ventilation is Vital:
Especially in damp areas like bathrooms, ensure proper ventilation. This helps in preventing the wood from swelling or mold formation.

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